Posted September 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm

We took Labor Day off so in order to preserve the buffer we'll be running a concept art piece today. Here's a look at Evey as they've developed over the years

In 2011, I started writing a very different version of StarHammer. However Evey was not too different themself.

Evey was still a kid who had been saddled with the responsibility of wielding a very powerful super weapon. And she was counting on her friend Katherine to help figure things out.

(art by Catia Moreira)

Evey and Danae had a much closer relationship and Danae had a much more active role in Evey's training. Though at the time Danae was a man named Danny.

By 2014, many things had changed. Katherine had become Izzy. Danae's role had been reduced. But Evey was still very much the same. The only thing they didn't yet have was an official design. First, I did a bit of brainstorming with a friend, Tessa Kleiner, who produced the concept image of Evey in the StarHammer suit in the top right.

That is when I turned to Thinh Nguyen for help. He gave a lot of options for Evey. Some of which can be seen in the middle column. The suit and even Evey's basic clothing style and body type were explored. I eventually landed on a variation of the suit that can be seen in the middle of the bottom center picture.

I came to call on Clay Lindvall who would go on to be the comic's original artist. One of his pieces of concept work can be seen in the bottom right. Unfortunately, Clay couldn't continue on either. But he connected me with a mutual friend, Vondell Swain to take over duties. In 2015, Vondell drew what was originally supposed to be Evey's final design, which can be seen in the top left. Evey was much more put together and seemed to be a bit more in control.

When Vondell also had to leave, the comic's art responsibilities went to Harry Bogosian and Tessa Kleiner. A few late-stage design changes occurred and there was a decision to make Evey a bit more tired and frazzled. We also went in the direction of making Evey frumpier.  It just made sense to us to make Evey a person who didn't really care about their appearance as they're kinda too absorbed in other aspects of their life and don't value that sort of thing.

Evey's a great character who's a bit more like me than I'd care to admit. I'm happy that I was able to get the necessary support to make them come alive. 

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