Some Class
Posted September 2, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Danae isn't the best at math. But she does excel in other ways. She's pretty solid at social studies/history. She loves her teacher, Mr. Sabo. He really gets into setting the scene. Often dressing up in costume or acting out events to really get the lesson across.  Danae would probably still be good at that stuff if it wasn't for him, but he makes class extra special. 

Danae's also super proficient in English. She's actually a few grades ahead in the subject. But because she's in junior high there's not really a class for advanced readers. And the school system wasn't going to send her to a high school for just one class. She's mostly super bored there but aces every assignment with ease.

The phys ed teacher thinks Danae is unusually fit and can't really figure out how she's so athletic. Particularly because she's not an advie. 

And although not a science whiz, she holds her own in science class. It's really just math that's getting in her way. But if she actually accepted any help she'd probably get better at it. There's no shame in struggling with algebra.