Broken Arm
Posted September 9, 2022 at 12:00 pm

One time Danae broke her arm while fighting Isosceles. She had to make up some lie about climbing some tree and then falling out of it. It didn't really fool Sybil, but she wasn't going to push the matter. Danae was used to healing up pretty quickly but wasn't sure of the extent of such abilities. She thought she might actually need a cast for the full 6-8 weeks. Turns out she didn't even need it before the end of the first one. 

She basically had to pretend that she was still injured for almost two months. She wasn't very good at this and it caused her more trouble than it was probably worth. She couldn't effectively wield the Mallet while in the cast so she just had to sit out the hero stuff. It was extremely frustrating for her.

Also her cast never stopped itching despite the doctor saying it would stop in a week or two.