Thank You, Page 7: Pleased To Advise - There's No Stopping Her Now
Posted September 16, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Danae wouldn't give up superheroics for anything. It would basically have to be taken from her. She considers being StarHammer an essential part of her identity. It's something that happened during a particularly stressful time in her life. She had trouble adjusting from moving to LEC not long after her dad died. She couldn't turn to her mom either. There seemed to be nowhere she could go for help. Becoming StarHammer gave her a way to work out some feelings. It offered her guidance when she couldn't quite find any.  It also introduced her to her best friend, Jamie.  Life without being StarHammer is a terrible proposition for her. 

Sybil didn't really stay on the issue but there's no way she could've talked Danae out of anything. She seems to intuitively understand how important being StarHammer is to Danae. It's one of the reasons she's never busted her in the past. But she'll do her best to help any way she can.